Real Impact Minute - Day 4

Jan 04, 2022

Welcome to Real Impact Minute. I'm Mark Simpson, Lead Coach for Real Impact Coaching. Another impact thought is by John D. Rockefeller who said, "I would rather hire a man with enthusiasm than a man who knows everything."

So true, so true. You know, the person who's enthusiastic, who's filled with passion, they're going to grab the team and lead the team and have a greater impact than the person who just thinks they know it all.

As a matter of fact, that childlike wonder is all gone out of that person. They just rest on their old laurels. And the fact is, enthusiasm comes from the original Greek which talks about being filled with or inspired or possessed by a god. Yes, that God-given drive and passion that comes from knowing who you are and who's you are, can really make a big impact.

So are you enthusiastic? Or are you just a Know-it-all? Well, I know which one you'll choose if you want to make an impact.