Real Impact Minute - Day 5

Jan 05, 2022

Welcome to Real Impact Minute. I'm Mark Simpson, Lead Coach for Real Impact Coaching and today's impact thought comes from Svetlana Alexievich and it's "What can art accomplish? The purpose of art is to accumulate the human within the human being."

You know, the fact of the matter is, is in our hustle and bustle and drive to get things done, sometimes we don't stop and appreciate the art around us and the art of creation. You see, God, the great creator, created us in His image. And in that image of creativity, I think we find our deepest, most real human parts when we allow ourselves to take a moment to appreciate and engage in art.

So if you want to have an impact today, take a moment and look for some beauty, look for some art, whether it's God-created or man created, and take a moment and let that gather up and accumulate the human in you so that you can live out an impactful life.