Real Impact Minute - Day 9

Jan 09, 2022

Welcome to Real Impact Minute. I'm Mark Simpson, Lead Coach for Real Impact Coaching and today's impact comes from Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who said, "If we assume we've arrived, we stopped searching. We stopped developing."

There are so many people that will finish high school or college or maybe even graduate school. And that's it. Their learning curve stops and you know what... they stopped developing.

I'm mindful of somebody who had a great impact on my life. And it was my grandmother who lived to 101 years old, and my grandfather who she was married to, he lived to 95. About a year before grandfather passed at the time he was 94 and grandmother was 93, my sister went to visit they stayed up late having a conversation.

After that conversation late into the night, she heard grandmother reading to grandpa from the scriptures. Well, the next morning, my sister said, "Grandma, I heard you reading to Grandpa. I'm just curious, are his eyes failing him? Can he not read anymore?" And she said, "Oh, no, dear. We just realized that in all these years together, we'd never read the Bible out loud to each other. So this year, we're reading the scriptures out loud to each other."

They spent their life searching, exploring, developing, growing, and living life to the final days. So that's my challenge to you. Don't rest back saying "I've arrived!" Continue to stretch, to strive, to search, and to develop into all the impactful person you can be.